To successfully complete the Foundation Year Program means...
  • To fulfill the requirements necessary for being admitted to undergraduate degree programs at Italian universities.
  • To be set up for success in your academic career in Italy.
  • To reach the Italian language proficiency level required to enter Italian university programs: the successful completion of the Fondation Year Program is substituive of the Italian language proficiency test customarily required to international students by the University of Pavia. Students will also have the opportunity to take the official certification of Italian as a foreign language (CILS) during the June exam session.
  • To experience a multicultural learning and living environment and to develop transferable skills useful for any path students may decide to take. With students coming from 40+ different countries, the Fondation Year Program is not only a great study opportunity, but is also a truly impactful and life-changing experience.
  • To be eligible for fee waiver during the 1st year of your degree program. If after completing the Fondation Year Program you decide to study at University of Pavia, you can apply for 1st year fee waiver.