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13 November 2023
We are thrilled to announce that the new call for applications for A.Y. 2024-25 is now open!

If you want to know more, contact us at foundationyear@unipv.it
The Foundation Year
The Foundation Year Program is a preparatory course taught in Italian targeting students who want to study at an Italian university.
In particular, the Foundation Year Program is meant for those students who do not meet the 12-years-of-schooling requirement and/or other specific requirements necessary for enrolling in a university degree program in Italy.
This program is also suitable for those students who are learning Italian for the first time or want to improve their Italian language proficiency, along with expanding their knowledge of core subjects of the study area they are interested in.

Watch the video and find out how!
The Program
Started in 2018, University of Pavia's Foundation Year Program stands out for the variety of the courses offered, which are entirely taught in Italian to prepare students for their university life in Italy.
Reasons for choosing the Foundation Year Program
Completing the Foundation Year Program will allow you to:
- Fulfill the requirements necessary for enrolling in a university degree
program in Italy and, in particular, at the University of Pavia.
- Acquire an adequate preparation, including knowledge of the study
area selected and of the Italian language, to suceed in a university
degree program in Italy
- Familiarize with the Italian academic environment through studying in
an ancient, prestigious, and multidisciplinary university such as
University of Pavia
- Enrich your study and life experience
FY Pavia
What our students say about us
"The experience brought me many friends and beautiful moments that I will never forget! We learned how to live! This was very important to me. The teachers were all friendly and made me feel welcomed and respected every day. "

Svetlana (Russia) - Foundation Year Student 2021-2022
Life in Pavia
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