The city
Piazza Vittoria (Pavia)

Located in Lombardy Region, only 30 kilometres south of Milan, the City of Pavia offers a lively, genuine, cooperative and safe environment with a high quality of life. Pavia is the Capital of the fertile Province of Pavia, which is known for a variety of agricultural products - including wine, rice, cereals and dairy products - and is situated at the heart of Italy’s manufacturing district.
Founded in Roman times, from 568 to 774 Pavia became the Capital of the Lombard Kingdom, and its fascination remains intact with the centre’s maze of narrow streets, ancient churches and elegant buildings, all bordered by the Ticino river.
The countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, meeting places and sports competitions combine to offer students a unique University experience.
In addition to enjoying the advantages and services of nearby Milan, Pavia is close and well connected to the Swiss border and many of the major tourist attractions of Northern Italy: the Ligurian coast, the lakes of Como and Garda, the mountain range of the Alps.


Once your enrollment in the Program is confirmed, you will receive information on how to find an accomodation.

 Here you can check the main expenses you will incur when living in Italy /Pavia 


Pavia’s local bus company is called Autoguidovie Pavia. You can buy urban tickets (1,30€) at the newsstand/tobacco shop, on board (with an extra charge), or directly on the app “Autoguidovie”, which is available in several languages. On the app you can plan your journey and check the bus schedule for each stop.

Unipv and Autoguidovie offer all students UNIPASS E UNDER26xUNIPASS, urban bus passes for the whole academic year.

UNIPASS offers you an annual subscription at the lowest price (25€), available until funds are exhausted. UNDER26xUNIPASS is only available when the funds for UNIPASS are exhausted. It’s an annual subscription at a special price for university students. In order to obtain your pass, follow these instructions.


Pavia in Bici is the bike sharing service provided by the city of Pavia. At a price of 20€ per year it is possible to borrow a bike in one of the different bike parks. Each time the first hour of use is completely free.

E-vai is the car sharing service provided by the Lombardy Region. At a price of 6€ per hour users can borrow an eco-friendly car to move and park for free in the whole Region (even in restricted areas of the city centre).


Autoguidovie buses also connect Pavia to Milan (every 30 minutes) and to the main towns of the Province of Pavia (Pavia area, Lomellina area, Oltrepò area).

In addition MarinoBus service connects Pavia to almost any part of Italy and to some cities in France.

Bus station: Viale Trieste 23, Pavia


From Pavia’s train station you can reach any medium-big city in Italy. Trains to Milan run every 20 minutes.

Train station: Piazzale della Stazione, Pavia


Unipv and FlixBus offer all students a 10% discount, which is valid once a month on national and international rides. First of all you have to email from your University email address (subject “Password request, University of Pavia/home University”; include your name and University in the email body). Then you will receive a personal password in order to request your discount code to be used on FlixBus website or on the app.

The nearest FlixBus stops are located in Milan.

Please note that if you regularly have to travel to Milan you can buy a bus/train/metro or all-inclusive monthly pass at a special price for students.