Registration Process 2024-2025
Application calendar

*WARNING: Be aware that we reached the maximum capacity of the Program and the intakes for the A.Y. 2024 -2025 are closed. If you are interested in applying for A.Y. 2025 - 2026, you are welcome to contact us in October at

  1. Submit your online form.

*WARNING: Be aware that we reached the maximum capacity of the Program and the intakes for the A.Y. 2024 -2025 are closed. If you are interested in applying for A.Y. 2025 - 2026, you are welcome to contact us in October at

   2.Upload the following documents to the platform:

  • A scanned copy of your passport photo/personal information pages;
  • A scanned copy of your  High School Diploma, accompanied by an  official translation in Italian or English by an Apostille/legalization;
  • A scanned copy of your High School senior year transcripts, accompanied by an official translation in Italian or English and by an Apostille/legalization;
  • A scanned copy of the "Declaration of Value" which must be released and signed by the italian embassy/consulate of the student's country of residence. Alternatively, you can contact the CIMEA Institute and request a Statement of Comparability (Certificate of Comparability)*; 
  • Italian language certificate (if you have already taken an Italian language proficiency test);

 3.  In order to submit your application, you must pay an application fee of 35€.

If you have not received your high school diploma yet, you can still apply for the Program but, along with your application, you will need to submit a letter written by a representative of your high school in which it is stated when you will receive your diploma. A scanned copy of your High School Diploma must be submitted online or sent via email to by September 15, 2024. Failure to submit the missing documents by the indicated deadline will result in the exclusion from the Program.

! If you have not received the "Declaration of Value" or the Apostille / Legalization yet, you can still submit your application, but keep in mind that all the required documents must be submitted by the October 31, 2024.

! UNIPV students can obtain the Statement of Verification and Statement of Comparability in 30 days (instead of 60 days) by submitting a specific request at the dedicated link !

*! If you obtained your High School Diploma in on of the countries under the Lisbon Recognition Convention, you can present Statement of Correspondence, as an alternative to the Declaration of Value or Statement of Comparability. You can download the Statement of Correspondence from the ARDI database. Please select the Country in which your academic title has been issued, choose upper secondary school education and choose the level of your academic title (in your case EQF 4).

WARNING: The University of Pavia gives students waiting for a visa the opportunity to follow the classes online from their home country. In the event of a visa refusal, it will no longer be possible to continue taking classes online.

Once the application is completed and all the required documents have been submitted, you will receive an acceptance letter along with the step-by-step instructions to complete the enrollment process on Universitaly platform, and to apply for a student visa.

All the non-EU students admitted to the Program must register on the Universitaly platform and submit their pre-enrollment application.

You will need to upload:

  • High school diploma
  • English or Italian translations of all required documents
  • Passport
  • Foundation Year Program acceptance letter 

!The deadline for obtaining a visa appointment is the same for all international students and it is set by the University of Pavia.

Here you can find the information on how to pre-enroll:

Once you receive the acceptance letter, do the following:

  1. Wait for the email containing the credentials to complete your registration in the Student Area of the University of Pavia website
  2. Complete the enrollment process according to the instructions sent
  3. Pay the first installment of the tuition fee

Here you can find detailed instructions on how to make the payment: