Program Outline

Why study at the FY program at the UNIPV?


UNIPV is an ancient and prestigious university, located in a city that boasts thousands of international students every year.



The program is held entirely in Italian for a total of over 450 hours of lessons. It offers a solid language training in Italian which prepares, first, to attend the courses of the area and, second, the academic path in Italian universities. This preparation also allows students with an initial beginner level to successfully enter and attend courses at the University.



Area Study courses (Science and Medicine, Economics Law and Political Science, Humanities) are also held entirely in Italian for an effective preparation to study in an Italian university. 



The FY at UNIPV represents the first step towards an academic career at the University of Pavia, through:

    1. In-depth knowledge of the academic context.
    2. The specific preparation offered by the area courses for the admission tests to the limited number faculties.
    3. Exemption from the Italian language exam for all degree courses.