Online learning: KIRO platform


KIRO: the learning platform of the University of Pavia

KIRO is a digital environment dedicated to the entire Pavia academic community where it is possible to share teaching materials, manage communication and find in-depth exercises, exams, tests and many other activities to support the teaching process.

KIRO consists of a series of platforms for all the Departments and Structures of the University of Pavia.

To directly access the section reserved for Foundation Year 2020/2021 students, click here.

Teachers will upload all the materials related to the lessons on this platform, and you will often be assigned homework and activities to develop and upload on KIRO.

If you have not registered yet, please log in to the platform for the first time with your University of Pavia credentials, namely:

  • Username: your tax code
  • Password: received once you have activated your University email.

In case you have faced some problems with the above-mentioned credentials, please contact