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  • What is the Foundation Year?

The Foundation Year is a preparatory course taught in Italian designed for:

  1.  students who do not meet the minimum 12 years of schooling required for enrolment in an Italian University Degree course.
  2.  students who want to access undergraduate degrees at the University of Pavia.
  3. students interested in learning Italian or improving their Italian language skills.


  • How do I apply?

Fill out and submit the online application via apply.unipv.eu, attaching the required documents.


  • Which documents must I attach?
  1. Transcript of records of the last secondary school year.
  2. Copy of Passport.
  3. Original version of the secondary school leaving qualification (or a photocopy according to the original version), officially translated into Italian, legalized (or with an “apostille”) together with its corresponding Declaration of Value (DV) issued and validated by the Italian authorities of the country of residence.


  •  I still don’t have one of the documents required for the application, can I still apply?

Yes, you can, but you will have to send us the missing documents by September 15th, 2021, otherwise you will not be enrolled in our program.


  • When is the deadline for sending my application for the Foundation Year 2021/2022?

The deadline is September 15, 2021.


  • Is there a limited number of students accepted per year?

No. All the students possessing the required documents will be accepted.


  • Can I send my application for the program even though I do not possess my High School Diploma?

Yes, you can. However, we ask you to attach a document or letter from your High School to your application, certifying the date in which you will obtain the diploma. The final diploma must be integrated in the online application or sent via e-mail to foundationyear@unipv.it by September 15, 2021, under penalty of exclusion from the program.


  • Can I send the missing documents after having confirmed my application?

Yes, you can. Remember to send it to us at foundationyear@unipv.it by September 15, 2021.


  • What will Foundation Year Program offer me?

The Foundation Year will provide you intensive Italian language classes from October until June and preparatory courses for one of the following Area Studies from March until June:

  1. Humanities
  2. Medicine and Science
  3. Economics, Law and Politics


  • What are the next steps to follow after having been accepted in the program?

If you are an EU national, you must pay the instalments. If you are a non-EU national, besides paying the instalments, after you have received the admission letter, you must register for the pre-enrolment on the UNIVERSITALY platform.  When you receive the validation, you must contact the nearest Italian Representation in your country and request the application for a Study Visa.


  • How can I obtain a Study Visa?

Once you have obtained our acceptance letter and the validation of your pre-enrolment on UNIVERSITALY, you must contact the nearest Italian Representation in your country and ask for Visa application. They will give you all the necessary information about the documents you need in order to apply for a Study Visa.


  • Will I receive an “invitation letter” in order to apply for a Study Visa?

No. You will receive our acceptance letter that you will need in order to apply for a Study Visa.


  • How and when can I apply for the pre-enrolment?

You will receive all the necessary information on how to apply for the pre-enrolment once you are accepted in the program. Therefore, you will have to apply for the pre-enrolment after you receive our acceptance letter.


  • What will I get at the end of this program?

The Foundation Year will issue a statement that will give you the possibility to fill the one-year gap and achieve the minimum entry requirements for undergraduate study at the University of Pavia and to be exempted from the Italian Proficiency University admission test.


  • What are the tuition fees?

The fees for the Foundation Year at the University of Pavia are set for 5000 EUR, due in three instalments:

  1. First instalment: 1500 eurosdue within ten days of receiving the admission letter
  2. Second instalment: 1750 eurosdue by August 31st, 2021
  3. Third instalment: 1750 eurosdue by September 15th, 2021

This fee includes:

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Third liability insurance
  3. Tutoring
  4. Access to the University facilities (bus pass, canteen card, libraries, discounts)


  • Are there any scholarships or reductions for Foundation Year students?

No, due to the fact that Foundation Year is not a University course.


  • What is the language of teaching?

Classes will be entirely held in Italian.


  • I do not speak Italian; will I be able to follow the classes?

Yes. The first part of the program includes 4 months of full immersion Italian classes, which will prepare you in view of the starting of Area Studies courses for the next semester. The Italian language course will also run from February until June.


  • Can I apply to the Foundation Year even though I have no knowledge of Italian language?

Yes. The program is in fact designed also for students that have no previous knowledge of the Italian language. You will be able to achieve a high level thanks to the classes that are aimed to prepare you for your future studies in Italy.


  • Can I study at the Foundation Year if I am willing to study Medicine at the University?

Yes. Among the path that we propose, there is the Area study of Medicine and Science. This will help you prepare for the entry test required to enter the Medicine Degree.


  • How can I find an accommodation?

After having been accepted in the program, you will be helped by the Student Assistance centre, that will help you find an accommodation in one of the University of Pavia dormitories.


  • Can I live in a University dormitory if I am a Foundation Year student?

Yes, you can. We will assure you a room in one of the University dormitories in Pavia.


  • If I obtain the Foundation Year Statement, will I automatically enter a bachelor’s degree?

No. The Foundation Year is a preparatory course. If you obtain the final statement, you will:

  1. meet the minimum entry requirements for undergraduate study at the University of Pavia
  2. be exempted from the Italian Proficiency University admission test.

Therefore, you will have to apply to the degree you are willing to study at and if the degree you are interested in has a limited enrolment, you must still take the admission test.


  • What undergraduate programs will the University of Pavia offer me after the Foundation Year?

You can find your program here.


  • Is it possible to find a part-time job and work during the period I will be studying at the Foundation Year Program?

It is not likely, due to the fact that classes are long and time consuming. Moreover, you will also be required to do homework.