Your trip to Italy

In this page you will find useful information to better plan your trip to Italy and your stay in Pavia. 

  • Do not book your flight before having received your visa
  • Trains or buses to Pavia regularly depart from the following airports:  Milan- Malpensa, Milan- Bergamo (Orio al Serio), Milan- Linate. 
  • Check here the average cost of life in Pavia
  • Purchase a travel insurance
  • Communicate the date of your arrival, information pertaining to your flight and visa, as well as your address in Italy to by September 30, 2024
  • Submit a "Declaration of Value" or "Statement of Comparability" relative to your diploma by October 31, 2024

Do not forget:

Check off the items on this list as a reminder of what to bring: 

  • Passport with student visa and ID card
  • European currency (Euro)
  • Travel and health insurance documents
  • Your address in Pavia, the name and telephone number of a person you can contact in case you encounter any issues or have any questions
Upon your arrival

You will find below a list of what is required upon your arrival: 

For the entire duration of their stay in Italy, all international students must be covered by health insurance.

If you are an EU student (including students from Iceland, Liechtestein, Norway and Switzerland), you can use the European Health Insurance Card to access urgent care under the same conditions as Italian citizens.

If you are Non-EU students, you will need a health insurance plan and you must register with the "National Health Service" (“Servizio Sanitario Nazionale-SSN”) to obtain the Health Card (“Tessera Sanitaria”) to access public health. The National Health Service will assign you to a general practitioner and you will enjoy reduced prices for examinations and medical  treatments. Registration stays open all year round, so you can register anytime, but you must renew your registration at the beginning of the new calendar year.

Following the financial law no.213 voted and approved by the Italian government on 30 Dec.2023, from 1st January 2024 the SSN insurance price for international students has been increased from 149 euros/year to 700 euros/year

In order to register with SSN, students must pay via your own bank account choosing the F24 model inserting:

  • regional code 10
  • contribution code 8846

and specifying that the contribution is for year 2024. 

After receiving the payment receipt,  you will have to book an appointment with the ASST Pavia Healthcare Centre (Via Indipendenza 3,Pavia) to finalize your registration, to be assigned a general practitioner (“Medico di Base”) and receive a provisional health card. Once you have received your  Residence Permit, you must book another appointment with the ASST Pavia Healthcare Centre  to get the final tessera sanitaria (Health Card)

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Fiscal code
  • Receipt of the Residence Permit application (first appointment) / Residence Permit (second appointment)
  • Receipt of the payment made for registering with the National Health Service (“SSN”)
  • A proof of enrollment in the Foundation Year Program 
  • A form in which the student states where he/ she lives in Pavia (this form can be found directly at the ASST center) 

Tax code (Codice fiscale) is required to open a bank account, rent an apartment (or a room in an apartment), buy a SIM card and apply for a residence permit.

There are two ways to obtain a fiscal code:

A- You can submit a request to the Italian embassy when applying for your visa or when requesting the Declaration of Value. 

B- After having enrolled in the Program, send an email to with the following script:

“Gentilissimi, vi inoltro la mia richiesta di codice fiscale. Sono uno studente internazionale immatricolato presso l’Università di Pavia, numero di matricola xxxxx (specify your matriculation number). Allego il mio documento di identità, il modello AA4/8 compilato in lingua inglese. Molte grazie per l’attenzione, Cordiali saluti”

Please note that you will have to attach the following documents to your email:

The fiscal code will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.

Non-EU citizens who stay in Italy for more than three months must apply fo a Residence Permit within 8 days of their arrival in Pavia. The application fee is about 140 Euros. To apply, you must provide the following documents to the Help Desk for the International Students located inside the Pavia Police Headquarters on Via Rismondo 68, Pavia). Here you can book an appointment.

Detailed information can be found at 

Required documents: 

  • Copy of your passport (without blank pages)
  • Receipt of the payment made for registering with the National Health Service
  • Proof of enrollment in the Foundation Year Program
  • Copy of lease or, if staying in one of the university rooms, a letter signed by UNIPV President or by the residence fiscal officer 
  • Proof of financial support: bank account information / copy of your credit card (front / back)
  • A 16€ tax stamp (“marca da bollo”), which can be purchased at any "Tabaccheria" (Tobacco shop)

Once the document porfolio is completed, you must take it to the Post Office (Piazza della Posta 1, Pavia) where it will be sent to the Immigration Authorities. Postage and shipping fees cost will amount to €146,92.

After sending the portfolio, you will receive a receipt, which you can use in lieu the Residence Permit while it is getting processed, so remember to always take the receipt with you. Lastly, you will receive a letter or text message with the date of photo-signaling and fingerprinting appointment at the Police Headquarters.

When you go to the appointment, do not forget to bring the all the aformentioned (original)  documents, along with the receipt substitutive of the Residence Permit and 4 passport photos size (35x45 mm) with white background.

Check the status of your Residence Permit application on Portale Immigrazione (using the username and password indicated on the Post Office receipt).

All international students of University of Pavia must have a Third-Party Liability Insurance which covers damages caused by the students while studying in the University premises. Please note that University of Pavia provides this coverage free of charge. All students must have a Personal Accident Insurance that covers the damages the may cause while attending the Foundation Year Program at UNIPV.

This insurance plan must be purchased upon your arrival in Pavia, at the cost of € 2 per year, by following these instructions

Carefully check the rules for entering Italy. The rules for entrering our country are estabilished by the Italian Government and may vary depending on what country you come from 


Download our checklist with all the useful information here!