Your accommodation in Pavia

The following accommodation options will be offered to the Foundation Year students. Foundation Year students will be supported in finding accommodation.


Pavia’s collegiate system, unique in Italy, consists of 20 colleges, hosting approximately 2000 students. Living in a college offers the opportunity to belong to a community where academic achievement, traditional events, parties, and sporting rivalries all play key roles.

Each college has its own particular history. Colleges range from the two oldest institutions, Borromeo and Ghislieri, founded at the end of the 16th century, to the more recent ones managed by the Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario (EDiSU).

Anyone can access the colleges thanks to a parental-income based fee system and payment by instalments.

Merit-based colleges

Pavia’s traditional merit-based colleges offer internal university courses where research is particularly valued.

• Almo Collegio Borromeo
• Collegio Ghislieri
• Collegio Nuovo (female)
• Collegio Santa Caterina (female)

EDiSU colleges

• Collegio Fratelli Cairoli (male)- merit-based
• Collegio Plinio Fraccaro (male)
• Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani (male)
• Collegio Castiglioni Brugnatelli (female)
• Collegio Gerolamo Cardano
• Collegio Giasone del Maino
• Collegio Camillo Golgi 1
• Collegio Camillo Golgi 2
• Collegio Benvenuto Griziotti
• Collegio Lorenzo Valla
• Collegio Alessandro Volta



• Collegio Marinarum (female)
• Cà della Paglia
• Green Campus
• Campus Residence

Religious colleges
• Collegio Don Bosco (male)
• Istiuto Maria Ausiliatrice (female)
• Collegio Universitario “Senatore” Figlie della Carità Canossiane (female)