Requirements & Application

 Admission requirements

  • At least 11 years of schooling from primary education to graduation at high school.
  • High school leaving diploma with complete transcript of records, plus translation &
    declaration of value.

How to apply

  1. Fill out the online application form by 15th of October 2020
  2. Attach:
    • Transcript of records of the last secondary school year
    • Copy of Passport
    • Original version of the secondary school leaving qualification (or a photocopy according to the original version), officially translated into Italian, legalized (or with an “apostille”) together with its corresponding Declaration of Value (DV) issued and validated by the Italian authorities of the country of residency

3. At the latest by fours weeks from the application, applicants will be emailed an admission letter if the application is declared eligible.

4. Admitted students will be notified via email within 4 weeks. 

5. Admitted students must present the admission letter to the Italian Embassy in order to obtain the study Visa (but for the Foundation Year course it is not necessary to pre-enroll at the Embassy!).